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Cory Gregory, Owner, Manager, and Trainer at Elimika Sport Ponies holds a B.S. in Food and Agribusiness Management, with a minor in Animal Science and coursework in Equine Behavior and Reproduction, from the University of Delaware.  She has experience as an intern at Blue Waters Farm in Chesapeake City, MD, and as an assistant trainer for dressage trainer Emily Covington also in Chesapeake City.  She has sixteen years of riding experience, including dressage and combined training, and has shown at recognized and unrecognized events through First level dressage and pre-novice level eventing. She has extensive experience with young horses where she excels in preparing for and showing in Materiale/Suitability classes and presentation to breed registries.  She has backed numerous young horses, successfully competing them at dressage shows up and down the east coast. She is currently developing her two ponies, Merlot and Wylie, up the levels of dressage and eventing. Gregory is a participating member of the United States Dressage Federation and the United States Equestrian Federation.

What is Elimika?- During her time at the University, Cory participated in a study abroad trip to Tanzania. Elimika, in Swahili means to teach, educate, or inspire.

Training for ponies and small horses - Tailored programs are offered to suit the individual horse or pony’s needs. Training emphasizes correctness, while preserving the animals work ethic and instilling confidence. While Cory’s program specializes in dressage, cross training is essential in a young horse’s development so free running, hacking, and cavaletti or jumping work are included where appropriate. Please call or e-mail if you are interested in having a pony in training with Cory.

Thanks - I would like to express my gratitude to my family for always supporting me in my riding and helping me to achieve my goals. Thanks also goes out to my mentors, Linda Santomenna and Emily Covington, for guiding me throughout my journey and contributing to my growth, both as a rider and as a person. Lastly, thanks to Dr. T., my advisor who helped to inspire my vision and encouraged me to follow my dreams.


“When we started our pony under saddle, I knew we would be in need of a good rider to get him going.  In just 60 days, Cory had the pony going nicely forward, responsive and light--so much so that he won his first under saddle class.  I am extremely pleased with the way Cory has handled the pony and with her patience with the young animals.  I find her methods and ideals are very similar to my own and feel confident leaving the total care of my pony in her hands.”

~Thea Hall, Owner of Irish Tulip Equestrian Center, Welsh pony breeder

"Cory is a bright, young professional with a great future. She is thorough and dedicated, with great attention to detail. She works closely with clients to ensure their goals are met. Cory is able to offer clients a full range of services from starting the youngster to showing to sales. She is perfectly suited for the growing sport pony market!"

~Emily Covington, Young Horse Trainer for Blue Waters Farm

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cory for the past seven years, the first six as an intern and now as a trainer. She has grown into a highly competent horse women. Cory is deeply committed to developing and honoring the inherit gifts in each pony in her care. Cory is also committed to developing respectful and productive relationships with her clients.”

~Linda Santomenna, Owner and President, Blue Waters Farm

Contact Cory Gregory at

corygregory@mac.com or